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. he was in new hampshire this morning, arguing that president obama can't be trusted to deal with the national debt and that mitt romney can. >> as a result of the president's advocation of leadership, as a result of seeing the most predictable economic crisis in our country's history and not fixing it, our credit rating was downgraded for the first time in our history. when mitt romney was governor, the credit rating of his state was upgraded. that's the kind of change that we'll get with a mitt romney presidency. >> governor scott walker, republican from wisconsin, is also in new hampshire today, stumping on behalf of the romney campaign. earlier today, he spoke at the state's gop convention. meanwhile, today, vice president joe biden is in florida. he wrapped up an event in ft. myers not long ago, where he said mitt romney and paul ryan will block any bipartisan attempts to reduce the debt. >> paul ryan even voted against the simpson/bowles plan he talked about now, as a member of the commission. it's important to know why. because they will not vote for a single solitary
. i am hosted the exchange on new hampshire public radio. we are coming to you from the television studios at the new hampshire institute of politics. >> what do you see as the large r largest economic policy differences between you? >> it's great to be here, and it's great to thank the hosts and sponsors for having us this morning. it's important to have a strong and competitive economy, and that starts with imposing an income or sales tax. i want to focus on making sure our businesses can innovate having targeted tax credits, and it starts with making sure that we're providing technical assistance to the businesses. using, for instance, the expertise of the university system to give that kind of technical assistance starting with investing in education again and making sure our education system is meeting the needs of the 21st century economy. i should also add that it's really important as we think about strengthening our economy that we defend the civil liberties and rights of every new hampshire citizen because we want to attract people of all -- of talent and energy to the st
loop at university boulevard and new hampshire. it's just a different pattern starting today. ongoing bbuild work continues. 95 and 395, hov lanes are open all the way from dumphries and to the 14th street bridge. no accidents or incidents. most of the road where it is out of the way. we did have an earlier accident on the inner loop at braddock road that's now gone. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, one person was killed and another wounded during the shooting at a midnight victory rally for the new premier of quebec. >> she was removed from the stage. the shooter is a 50-year-old man. he shouted, "the english are waking up." he says a small fire behind the building before he was arrested. date to of the democratic national convention in charlotte. former president bill clinton will give the stage tonight. >> this follows an opening night filled with powerful speakers. scott thuman and gordon peterson are in charlotte with highlights. >> the first lady knocked them dead at this convention. >> last night for democrats hoping they could keep this thing off in style. the enth
and president obama in new hampshire. then a campaign yvette with mitt romney then a discussion of the august jobs report. president obama and vice- president joe biden along with first lady michelle obama and jill biden travel to ports mouth, new hampshire. this is one hour, 15 minutes. >> what a great crowd. you all are terrific. , that wead you're here are all here to welcome the president, barack obama, the first lady, michelle obama. and vice president joe biden. and it jill biden. to the greatest state in the nation. we are so excited to have the fab four in new hampshire. they have come here crash of their fantastic season in charlotte. this reminded us again of how very proud we are to have barack obama but as our president and michelle obama as our first lady. you know, president obama is fighting for what democrats have always fought for, and economy grounded in middle-class prosperity, an economy built to last. president obama knows that this is a make or break moment for the middle class. in order for the middle class to thrive, we need to restore the basic values of fairness and
, a debate between kendis to be the next governor of new hampshire. the republican candidates unsuccessfully ran for governor in 1996 and was the republican nominee for the u.s. senate in 2010. democrat is a former new hampshire state senator who served as the majority leader. this took place in manchester, new hampshire and comes to us from new hampshire public broadcasting and is about an hour. >> welcome to the candidates' forum on business and the economy. i am most of the exchange. we are coming to you from the television studios at the new hampshire is to to the politics that political library. for the next hour we will hear from new hampshire is gubernatorial candidates. we will press them to talk about what they would do as governor and refrain from spending valuable time attacking each other. and now let me introduce our candid it's. they are republican ovide lamontagne and democrat maggie hassan. our panelists. during this first half of our forum, the panelists will ask questions. then we will move onto a lightning round were candid it's will provide brief and decisive responses to
new hampshire of politics and political library, and to you at home for watching and listening, and, especially, thank you to our well-behaved candidates who stayed on target, on time, and republican ovide and ms. hassan. you can listen and watch forummer hoose at the website, nhpr.org and at nhpt.org. thank you. [applause] .. of you joining us. i would like to see greater i would like to wish you all a happy voter registration it. i'm sure everyone in this room is registered to vote. please make sure that all of your friends and family are as well. this topic is going to be handled by great people. we are just a few weeks away from the election been. in politics, it is a lifetime to much has been written about the current state of the election and plenty of people are concerned about the trends and the same economy in these times. most important of them who are the people who will show up to the polls in november. we want to have a follow-up discussion about economics, demographics, and the expectations for 2012. this is a follow-up for what was released in november of last year. w
live to portsmouth, new hampshire, where in just a few minutes president obama and joe biden will be there. we'll have live coverage coming up for you, scheduled to start at 12:20 p.m. eastern. we will have it when it starts. also, later, republican nominee an mitt romney is speaking in orange city, iowa, and we will have that live. after mr. romney speaks, we will open up phone lines. his wife, ann romney recently campaign in ohio and a rally. she is introduced by the ohio lieutenant governor, mary taylor. this is about 25 minutes. [applause] >> well thank you. thank you for being here. i heard we love mitt. how about we love ann? >> we love ann. >> great. did she not do a fantastic job last week at the convention? [applause] it is great to be here with all of you in thinly, ohio, and as usual, you make ohio proud with your warm welcome today. it is great to be here with dr. katherine bell, and, of course, my good friend tammy. talk about a success story, an american success story, an ohio success story and a woman success story, can he really represents that. -- tammy reall
are in portsmouth,h new hampshire, and we are take ak loogt-- taking a live event and we will see what the president and the vice president will say following the big convention last night. a new group is going up on the terror watch list. we will tell you who they are and what kind of threat they pose to our country. oh no, not a migraine now. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula. >>> we are waiting to hear from the president back from the trail this morning. this is portsmouth, new hampshire, and the president taking a few shots at the republicans and mitt romney last night. and now it is over to the gop who is coming back to swinging as well. jim acosta, this is new hampshire, and i understand, jim, that mitt romney has a whole bunp of new ads out and are they tweaking the message now that the dnc is over? >> yes, that i have a slew of new ads out today, and they are targeting eight different battleground stat
, north carolina, nevada, new hampshire. bad news for mitt romney, he doesn't lead in a single one. at best within the poll's margin of error. at worst, trails by eight points. this morning, how the nine states stack up. we said it again and again. the president's job approval rating may be the best indicator of where the bout may be. where it is more than 50, the president favored to win. iowa, florida, new hampshire, ohio, virginia, his approval rating below that, 47 or 48 in four. colorado, nevada, north carolina, wisconsin. here is a second way to breakdown the numbers. romney struggled with favorability number all year. that number underwater, more voters have unfavorable than favorable view in six states. romney is in positive territory in just three. florida, north carolina, virginia. finally, a third bucket of looking at these numbers in the extent of romney's problems. for months, romney led on who could better handle the economy. in four more, he trails the president. colorado, iowa, new hampshire, ohio. tied at 45 in virginia. there are three states that the president hi
. >>> no break for either candidate. president obama campaigns in new hampshire and ohio today. mitt romney's wrapped up three days of debate rehearsals. he'll be in new hampshire. >> susan mcginnis, have a good weekend. making the case for a second term, the president said he was mindful of his own failings. brian montopoli for cbs news.com has more on the speech. >> last night in the democratic national convention, barack obama made his case for reelection. now, he laid out a vision in which democrats stand for americans all being in it together, whereas republicans stand for you being on your own. it was not the lofty speech w saw in 2008 about hope and change and it was not the fresh faced perrmance from 2004. this was a candidate who had to make the case based on his record and not just his potential. he only mentioned mitt romney once but he certainly took a number of shots at his opponent and certainly, we're going to see the democrats creating contrast with the republicans from here on out. president obama head back out on the campaign trail, he's hitting three states, new hampshire
presidential candidate was in new hampshire and ohio today. reaching out to those swing state voters. ryan told the crowd in new hampshire that they had an enormous opportunity to help his ticket win in november. new hampshire was the state where romney kicked off his presidential bid last june. he also came back and kicked off his general election candidacy there. right now, mr. obama is leading polls in new hampshire and all the other swing states. >> how many stars would you have given today? >> how many will you give me? >> four possible. >> four stars. >> there you go. >> all right. things are changing though. jim ramsey will join us. >> we would like another but we're not going to get it. bob: you may not realize how good a day this was. having an 80 degree temperature today. 79. how about that for a high temperature. that's about 10 degrees above normal for this date. not much to show you on the time lapse camera. it looks like a gorgeous postcard. we had blue skies most of the day. that helped the temperature to move up rather dramatically. wind
new hampshire governor, john sununu on "press pass," we'll take a break and be back with more from the republican convention in tampa, including my interviews with former rnc chair, hailey barbour and kelly ayot. >>> we're back with our special look at our daily "press pass" conversations from the republican convention in tampa. up next your my interview with the former mississippi governor, hailey barbour. he clearly sees a change coming for the party. let's watch. >> i'll be 65 in october and i've been in mitt romney's party for a long time. we made the generational shift 12 years after the democrats. they dominated the caucus in 1988. we nominated george w. bush in 2000. we had world war ii veterans until 2000. and you're seeing that here. you're seeing all of these young, smart attractive articulate people who are pushing guys like me out. and i don't mean throwing me out. i mean succeeding. and chris christie. susanna martinez, ryan sandoval. ricky hailey. >> in the course of that transition, does it have real appeal in the middle of the electorate? >> the answer is clearly ye
convention, president obama, vice president biden and their wives traveled to new hampshire. other speakers are speaking. this is one hour and 15 minutes. ♪ >> what a great crowd. you all are terrific. i am glad you are here. that we are here to welcome the president barack obama, the first lady, michelle, the vice president, joe biden, and jill biden. to the greatest state in the nation. we are so excited to have the fab four in new hampshire. they have come here fresh off of their fantastic speeches in charlotte. this week in charlotte reminded us again how very proud we are to have barack obama as our president and michelle obama as our first lady. president obama is fighting for what democrats have always worked for -- an economy grounded in america as -- middle-class prosperity and an economy that is built to last. present obama knows this is a make or break moment for the middle-class. in order for the middle class to thrive, we need to restore the basic values of fairness and balance that have made this country so great. if you work hard and play by the rules, if you should be able
obama today in portsmouth, new hampshire right now. the morning after. will the weak august jobs report wipe out any bump that the president might have gotten from his convention? >>> republicans are pouncing today. paul ryan on cnbc and mitt romney just now in iowa. >> i think that the message from last night was that the president's plan is four more years of the four last years, and i don't think the american people want four more years of the four last years. >> this is not what president obama promised. i would argue this is the result of failed leadership in washington, bad fiscal policy coming from the administration. >> you didn't elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear. you elected me to tell you the truth. and the truth is it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades. >> last night, the president pleaded for patience. he also turned mitt romney's policies into punch lines. >> all they have to offer is the same prescriptions they've had for the last 30 years. have a surplus? try a tax cut. deficit too high? try another. feel
the acceptingafter nomination last night in charlotte. be in newe stop will hampshire. that is in about 20 minutes. they are not the only ones stumping for votes in new hampshire. romney will be there later today. we will get the latest from t.j. winnick. >> call it the friday face off. president obama and republican romney shadow each other today in new hampshire and iowa. the president if the campaign after last night's acceptance speech at the democratic national convention in charlotte. you pick up the ballot vote, you will face the choice of any time in a generation. >> he asked voters for more time so he could continue to picks even rebuild america's struggling economy. >> america, i never said this journey would be easy and i will now.romise that yes, our path is harder, but it leads to a better place. longer, but we travel it together. >> will voters buy that argument? this morning we learned of the third straight disappointing h in jobs. >> no highfill we are not better under president obama. campaign today is launching 15 attack ads in key battleground states. >> september is the month o
romney is in vermont doing more debate preparation before heading to new hampshire tomorrow. we are less than a month away from the first debate, by the way. his running mate, paul ryan is set to speak at a rally in colorado springs. in a new ad, is playing to folks who like the president but says he doesn't delivered. >> listen, this just isn't working. it's been four years, you've changed, your spending is out of control, you're constantly on the golf course and you're always out with hollywood celebrities, your jobs council says you haven't shown up in six months. you're just not the person you were. it's in my, it's you. i think we should just be friends. >> tell us why you're breaking up with president obama at break up with obama.com. jenna: the president says, we can still be friends as long a even if you break up with me. jon: some thought this was obama girl. jenna: it's not obama girlment it's a new girl with a different message. stpho: romney girl i guess. jenna: romney girl, there you go, jon. jon: he's married, though. so is the president. as we preview president obama's acc
for at jersey shore start snooki and his pet peeves. >> paul ryan will campaign in new hampshire this morning and then to newport news virginia. tomorrow morning he will speak at a factory in danville. he has made several stops in virginia. >> president obama and the vice president hitting the campaign trail. rapper jay-z and his wife will host a fund-raiser for the president in new york today. tonight the president will appear on the late show with david letterman. vice president biden will campaign in iowa. the president will still visit prince william county on friday. he will be in woodbrige and not manassas. stay with abc 7 for full coverage of the presidential election. for instance updates, go to our web site wjla.com. as well as facebook and twitter. >> the retrial of a local veteran charged with murdering his roommate. michael mcqueen was found shot to death in his apartment in gaithersburg in 2006. his roommate gary smith told police an intruder did it. smith later changed his story saying the man killed himself. he was convicted of murder in 2008, but it was overturned on a technic
promises. >> reporter: both candidates are holding rallies in iowa and new hampshire today and both expected the talk about why they're the right choice to get the economy back on track. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. >> vice president joe biden will join president obama today at his rallies. gop running mate paul ryan is focusing on nevada. >>> well, election day is two months away. but the deadline to register to vote is getting close. in the district, you have until october 9th to register. in virginia, you have until october 15th. in maryland and west virginia, the deadline is october 16th. deadlines for absentee and early voting are different in each state. >>> well, today a judge is expected to sentence a former northern virginia political leader to prison. in may, a jury convicted michael gardener of sex charges involving two young girls at his daughter's slumber party. the jury recommended a 22 year sentence. during the trial, prosecutors showed evidence that his dna was on one victim's underwear and another victim's pajamas. gardener has denied any wrongdoing.
cordes with the obama campaign in to iowa and jan crawford with romney campaign in new hampshire. >>> today we learned after losing $800,000 and after losing 800,000 jobs a month we add to job security but that is not good enough >>> speaking in new hampshire the president argued congress can great 1 million jobs right away if it would pass his jobs bill. >>> jobs for teachers and construction workers jobs for folks looking for a long time we can do that. >>> the white house says the jobs would prevent 200,000 teacher layoffs and give money to states to hire back police officers and firemen and provide a tax credit to employers who increase wages or hire new employees. the president introduced the plan a year ago tomorrow but it got little traction with republicans who are wary of more spending and did not like how it was paid for by limiting tax deductions. last night in his address president obama argued governor romney's plan as one single focus and he said not job creation. >>> have a surplus to our at tax cut deficit too high, try another. fill a cold coming, take to tax cut
went to new hampshire. president obama went to new hampshire then iowa. you are going to see a lot of these. >> one day they are going to meet on the tarmac, you know it. paul steinhauser, thank you so much. >>> now, a cnn exclusive. a navy s.e.a.l. who captured osama bin laden says the book is wrong. it's caused a huge sensation. the best seller, "no easy day." he says bin laden was shot by one navy s.e.a.l. and was lying on the floor. cnn learned the head of the u.s. special operations contacted fellow navy s.e.a.l.s to see if it happened that way. they told him no. osama bin laden was standing in the room when they shot him. >>> a suspect is in custody for killing brian terry. the death blew open the lid on the gun smuggling sting known auz fast and furious. they arrested him 50 miles south of the arizona border. the u.s. is seeking to extradite him. three others are still at large. border agent terry was killed in a fire fight two years ago. the two guns found were linked to operation fast and furious. >> that family waited so long for answers. hopefully, they will get more. >>
a chance to look at it. campaigning in iowa and new hampshire, he said obama does not know what it takes to get america strong again. he said millions of unemployed americans are paying the price. >> he said he'd create jobs, instead unemployment is still over 8% for 43 straight months. he said by now, it would be down to 5.4%. now, by the way, those numbers, 8.1, 5.4, what difference does it make? let me tell you. the difference in those numbers is 9 million americans working. that's the difference. >> romney is back out on the trail again today. he's heading to the battleground state, virginia. president obama turned it blue in 2008. according to a poll, "the new york times" and cbs news, it shows the president with a slight edge over romney. he's up 49% to 45% over his republican rival. paul steinhauser is in virginia beach, virginia for us. paul, good morning to you. so, a tight race in virginia means residents can see a lot of the candidates in the next few months, right? >> reporter: yeah, they have seen a lot of the candidates. they are going to see a lot more of them. remember pr
. >> and to the battleground state of new hampshire where the republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan is speaking right now at a cam ppaign rallyn derry. paul ryan firing up the crowd. what's he saying? >> he is talking about the economy, talking about the deficit, talking about four years of president obama would be detrimental to the country. it's pretty plain and simple. president obama and republican nominee mitt romney are laying low today because they're getting ready to prepare for the debate, so it's the number 2s on the campaign trail. right behind me here, here's paul ryan stumping here in new hampshire, a crucial battleground state. when he's done here, he goes to ohio later today. another very big important battleground state. and that's the whole idea here, as the president and mitt romney get ready for the debate. paul ryan and vice president joe biden are on the campaign trail. specific new hampshire. the race here is kind of close. the most recent poll shows president obama with a five-point advantage over mitt romney. definitely a very close contest here in new hampshire. this is a sta
his new hampshire lakeside estate. congressman paul ryan, while reaching out to voters in north carolina. >> what we are missing is leadership. >> the time tested strategy used against incumbent presidents. >> every president since the great depression who asked americans to put them in a second term could say you were better off today than you were four years ago except for jimmy carter and president barack obama. >> it is a point observers say the president will and should address during the convention. monday in detroit, vice- president joe biden provided his own answers. >> if you want to know if we are better off i have a bumper sticker for your -- osama bin laden is dead and general motors is a life. -- is alive. >> in the satellite center, jay korff, abc 7 news. >> mitt romney and his wife are enjoying a relaxing labor day on the new hampshire lake. they had a busy week at the republican national convention. they took a water ski boat out on lake winnipesaukee. abc 7 is your election station. gordon peterson and scott thuman will cover all the angles on abc 7 news at 5 6,
to eastboundened 50. around the capital beltway, not much. stretch oft e outer loop on th after new hampshire ave. as you make your way to boulevard, they are blocking just one lane. springfield, there is a northbound and routes 17. lanes getting by. still very light volume. not many delays to start a monday morning drive. back to you. >> thank you. the lights are back on this of the viewingt area after a ferocious storm on saturday knocking out power to people in100,000 washington, virginia, and maryland. about 500 this morning. this was after sunday filled up across the area. it was a scramble to save perishable foods. >> it went out about -- i went out this morning and got six of ice and packed our freezer and took a lot of the of the refrigerator and put it into a cooler. the freezer,mes to half-full freezer can go 24 hours without power if. it's full, 48 hours before thaws.ing >> new york cleaning up after a includingther tornados in queens and brooklyn. trees and power lines brought boroughs.th despite the damage, no serious reported. taking a look at the day ahead, county polices will upda
stops in iowa and new hampshire. ryan will visit nevada. ann romney will campaign in at aun county this morning leesburg.ent in she is an avid equestrian. loudoun county is considered a county in the swing states of virginia. ben bernanke among those taking record low mortgage rates. >> all eyes on the monthly jobs report from the labor department. here is linda bell at bloomberg in new york. >> on the heels of yesterday's huge rally, stock-index futures indicating a higher open. today is the all-important jobs day on wall street. economists forecast the report 130,000 workers were added to our economy in august. the jobless rate may hold steady 8% for the 43rd straight month. this highlights what ben said, that the lack of jobs this country is a great concern for policy makers. the fed chairman is among illions of americans who refinance his mortgage last from the bondng aser program known quantitative easing. on its 30-yeare loan. -- he cut the rate. its 3.79% now. nfl sunday officially kicks off but super bowl adds are nearly sold out. thousands of restaurant workers e looking f
and virginia, overnight hastruction and tysons wrapped up on schedule,. the same story passing new hampshire ave. no delays. interstate 95 in maryland, near route 100 there's an incident towards bwi marshall, little bit of an obstacle. add a couple extra minutes. 270 is quiet through germantown, towards the capital beltway and over the anacostia also niceo town is quiet at this hour. back to you. >> thank you. an effort underway to make sure children areoung safe when they go for a ride. the transportation secretary and will kick off child today with aety conference and a demonstration at an elementary school in northwest d.c. the national traffic highway carty administration says crashes are the number-one children under the age of talks. >> and naturalization ceremony to mark the signing of the u.s. constitution. 225 people will be sworn in as citizens and that at the archives building. homeland security secretary janet napolitano will give the address. 150 years since president he would freeced in. the confederate in the national endowment for the humanities will hold a lincolnion at the
that sticks. new numbers from four key swing states shows the president ahead in all but one, new hampshire. in pennsylvania the president leads by nine points nine points! in colorado, the closest race, the president leads by a point. in virginia he is up by four points. and romney has visited the state nine times since february. paul ryan has been there five times. and this is just sweet. ryan's home state of wisconsin, the president is now up by six points. the romney yacht has clearly hit troubled waters, and now some prominent republicans are running for the lifeboats. yesterday linda mcman of connecticut and susanna martinez both distances themselves. and so did scott brown of massachusetts. and said he declined to even say whether he still supports romney. browns spokesman clarified later, saying that brown does support romney. but it doesn't thenned. nevada senator, dean heller told "politico," quote . . . >> jennifer: nice. today, new hampshire republican gubernatorial candidate, said, quote, there's no 47% in new hampshire as far as i'm concerned. and then in nor
. . . >> jennifer: nice. today, new hampshire republican gubernatorial candidate, said, quote, there's no 47% in new hampshire as far as i'm concerned. and then in north carolina mark meadows said . . . >> jennifer: and they piling on. former virginia congressman tom davis was asked what sort of candidate would make a remark like that? a he told "politico," quote, no one with any political instincts. he needs to be scripted the rest of the campaign he is a ceo, davis said, not a political animal. zing! so romney does have a few supporters, though. >> if you listen to the whole context of what mitt talks about, he -- he is talking about what is happening right now in america, and how more and more people are falling into poverty, more in particular women are falling into poverty, so there is a concern on his part -- >> jennifer: okay. okay. to be fair. it's not just -- just his wife supporting him. there are some really thoughtful and reasonable -- rush limbaugh as well as fox new's sean alan rest of florida, erick erickson the founder of the koch brother's freedom wo
is on the right side of history. >> well, what can we expect tonight? new hampshire senator jeanne shaheen, she's a long time ally of the work on the campaign. >> new hampshire loves bill clinton. >> new hampshire and bill clinton were stadium number one in the primary. there's always been this bond. what do you think bill clinton can do for barack obama that would -- would be sitting there going, boy, if somehow clinton wasn't speaking you would think, something's missing, what would be missinging? >> i think he will continue to make the contrast case teen the difference barack obama will make for the future of this country and what we would see from mitt romney and paul ryan and i think he will identify with middle america. that's what he does so well, he empathized with families who are struggling, with people who are trying to put their kids through college, people who are hoping to have a secure retirement, people who lost their jobs and may be trying to find another job, and he can make the case for them about why barack obama is going to be so much better to continue to deal with our con
the president and governor romney are crisscrossing some very key battleground states including new hampshire where four electoral votes are up for grabs. not a big state but a very key one in this election. jon: they're going at it big-time. highlights from the democrats final night in charlotte. >> it took president obama, against the advice of many, to give that order and finally rid this earth of usama bin laden. ask usama bin laden if he is better off now than he was four years ago. [applause] >> america is not in decline. i've got news for governor romney, and congressman ryan. gentlemen, never, ever, it never makes sense, it is never been a good bet to bet against the american people! [cheers and applause] never!. >> now i won't pretend the path i'm offering is quick or easy. i never have. you didn't elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear. you elected me to tell you the truth. [applause] and the truth is it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades. it will require common effort, and shared responsibility, and the kind of bold pers
veterans for romney town hall meetings in new hampshire. senator mccain won presidential primaries in the state in 2000 and 2008 when he ran for the republican nomination. also, kelly ayotte. this is about 45 minutes. [applause] i believed you in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible. with liberty and justice for all. all right, this is a town hall meeting. john mccain is no stranger. i've had the pleasure of being on another presidential campaign in the year 2000. [inaudible] [laughter] john mccain came back to new hampshire years later to see more friends and people who remembered the wonderful campaign. prior to that, is not only the military, but a public service of the united states. i figure governor romney should be honored to have senator mccain on his behalf to talk about the significance of differences between republicans and democrats into the way that we treat people in this country, and there is nobody better to l.a. this differences. i welcom
'll speak at a museum in portsmouth, new hampshire, this afternoon. then he'll travel to an event at the university of iowa, ames, iowa. mitt romney is beginning his day in iowa and finish with rally in new hampshire. his plan is to release more than a dozen new television commercials today. as for president obama's campaigns, he's counting on his partiy's support for his re-election. last night his theme, this country needs to work together. nbc's tracie potts has more of the highlights from charlotte ♪ will it make it easy on you now ♪ >> reporter: after a final night of music, jokes -- >> i know it's an empty chair. it makes you nervous, double it -- >> reporter: and speeching including the vice president. >> this man has courage in his soul, compassion in his heart and a spine of steel. >> reporter: president obama laid out what he called a choice not just between two candidates but two visions. he rallied against too much government. >> we don't want handouts for people who refuse to help themselves and we certainly don't want bailouts for banks fwl break the rules. >> re
at this hour of the campaign, the president and vice president are en route to new hampshire for a post-convention campaign rally. but it was last night on the convention floor that the president redefined hope and change and america's future. >> times have changed and i no longer just a candidate. i'm the president. if you turn away now, if you buy into the cynicism we talked about is not possible, then change will not happen. >> the president attempted to make the case as a choice in this election, using the words choice or choose more than 20 times. what did the president accomplish or not accomplish? >> ten minutes into the president's speech last night, again, a speech not deep on substance, a speech with no surprises and i just sat there thinking game, set, match, barack obama connected himself with the american dream. >> president obama following joe biden who gave a heart felt speech to some americans on four more years. >> it's never been a good bet to bet against the american people. never. my fellow americans, america is coming back. and we're not going back. and we have no i
to understand where we actually stand. >> paul ryan is in new hampshire today. the republican vice presidential nominee will hold a rally in the city of derry in just a few hours. meanwhile, vice president biden is in the battleground state of florida. he's going to attend a campaign event in fort myers this morning. on friday he met with seniors at a retirement village in boca raton. >> governor romney's plan goes into effect it can mean that everyone, every one of you, would be paying more on -- taxes on your social security. >> michelle obama is encouraging young voters to get to the polls. like right now. the first lady spoke to college students in iowa friday, urging them to go into nearby early voting booths to cast their ballots. >> you got a whole month to make it happen. a whole month to vote! as i tell my children, don't procrastinate. no procrastination. make it happen. do it today. >> joining me now, political reporter for "the washington post" felicia somnez and white house correspondent for the hill, amy barnes. good morning. >> good morning. >> so, amy, i'm going to start with yo
president obama and republican challenger mitt romney will campaign in new hampshire today. this afternoon the president will speak at a museum in port smith and then travel to an event at the university of iowa. mitt romney will attend a ramally in new hampshire. his campaign also plans to release more than a dozen new television commercials today. >>> four minutes after the hour. president obama tried to rally his base as the campaign transitions into a new phase. he spoke to a rousing crowd at the democratic national convention last night. the president outlined his accomplishments over the last four years. he also tried to show some contrast on hot button issues like the economy and health care for seniorses. . >> i will never turn medicare into a voucher. no american should ever have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies. they should retire with the care and the dignity that they have earned. >> news4's jim vance was also at the convention. he has more on the challenge ahead for democratic delegates. >> the convention is over. the delegates have gone home. de
. in the battleground states of north carolina, nevada, new hampshire. nevada, we should note, housing crisis at its worst there. unemployment at its worst there, voters are split, though, on who's better at handling the economy. we're starting to see the trend in other swing states as well. why is this? why are voters now saying, well, you know what, despite the last four years, i think the should be could be the guy who can turn this thing around. >> well, mitt romney never effectively, at least not yet, was able to articulate a way they could turn the economy around. we still have a couple debates. i still think 38 days before the election or something like that. but mitt romney didn't make that argument. and he didn't make it in those swing states. and that's because mitt romney played defense a lot of the first half of this year. whether it was in the primaries or in may, when the primary was finally over, and the obama campaign really started to hit him hard on his bain record. there hasn't an opening or an effective way for him to articulate a vision to turning the economy around. and it show
both on the trail. the vice president was in florida this morning, ryan is in new hampshire and is traveling to ohio for an event tonight. we will, of course, have more on all of these stories over the next two hours. in case you have not heard, the countdown is on to colorado. even though both campaigns are playing the lowered expectations game, you can bet their furiously preparing for the denver debate. joining me now to talk about it, garrett hake, who has been traveling with the romney campaign. garrett, good saturday afternoon to you. what can you tell me about governor romney's debate preparations this weekend? >> well, craig, i can tell you, so far, it hasn't really started at. at the moment, he's over at his oldest son's house in massachusetts. we are expecting governor romney to participate in some more debate prep this weekend. understand senator rob portman from ohio will be here, he'll also be traveling with the governor to denver on monday. they're at the stage now where the expectations game includes not really discussing even when and where they're doing deba
obama leaves charlotte for a campaign event in new hampshire, he is preparing to encounter some bad news about the jobs report last month. >> 100,000 jobs we got, a disappointment. >> equally concerning for economists is the unemployment rate. it dipped slightly to 8.1% as more people gave up on finding a job. paul ryan is blaming president obama. >> this is not close to what a recovery looks like. you would need to have 150,000 jobs to keep pace with population growth. that is not what president obama promised. >> already mitt romney's campaign has released 15 ads attacking president obama's job record. >> this president cannot tell us that we're better off today than when he took office. >> president obama calls any job increase a positive. his supporters say they are ready to hang on. >> we are in a recovery and the young people should understand that. it takes time. >> time is running out for both campaigns. two months to go before the election. both candidates are campaigning in the same state today, iowa and new hampshire. for democrats, a small step in the right direction prefer r
over 450,000 new jobs. keep ohio jobs in ohio. 59,000 new jobs for new hampshire. create over 200,000 new jobs for colorado. create over 340,000 new jobs for virginia. >> jennifer: so all of these very specific numbers, how can he estimate the jobs numbers without a plan? >> i have no idea how he estimated those numbers, but i do know he doesn't have a credible plan. the one plan he has basically put out there in some detail is his budget plan, and if you look at that you can see he created a huge hole in the deficit, he has to slash other government programs. he has to slash the kind of employment we're talking about today by 40%, put a tax on the middle class estimated about $2,000 a year in order to pay for tax cuts at the top. the whole program that he has put out there with not a lot of details, however, enough detail to say those numbers are not based on a credible plan. >> jennifer: and he is running these ads like crazy. and larry i think there's an ad in the making from something that president clinton said. take a listen. >> since 1961 for 52 years
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